"The Mystery of Flight 19"

Meteorologist David Pares has a theory that one of the Triangle’s most famous disappearances, Flight 19 is down to something called Electronic Fog

In this clip, he goes on a flight with Triangle survivor, Bruce Gernon to put this theory to the test …

But somewhere over Florida’s Everglades, something disrupts the light aircraft’s electronics …..

The Truth Behind The Bermuda Triangle

In our world of scientific discovery, one mystery endures …the hoodoo sea, the limbo of the lost. Some see mysterious forces at work. Others the powers of sea and storm.

But what is the Truth behind the Bermuda Triangle?

Dozens of ships and planes have vanished without a trace in this area of the Atlantic Ocean. But where do they go and what is causing them to disappear? This film talks to the scientists and takes to the skies and seas to test the theories that could explain the Triangles sinister reputation. At the core of the film is a diving expedition as we follow a husband and wife detective team intent on unlocking the mystery of the Triangle and find ourselves on the trail of what could be an amazing underwater discovery.