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"USS Laffey – Kamikaze Onslaught"

On Day 16 of the battle of Okinawa, the destroyer USS Laffey earnt its place in history, defending a relentless onslaught from kamikazes.

As a radar picket, her job was to detect and warn US forces of approaching Japanese forces. The destroyer was stationed in an isolated position North of the main fleet off Okinawa when Japanese aircraft closed in for the kill. The Laffey was ravaged by twenty two kamikaze attacks in eighty minutes.

This incredible story is told by the men that were onboard the destroyer.

The dramatic re-enactment is a mixture of original 16mm footage shot at the time intercut with Super 8 and treated HD material that we shot during the making of the Lost Evidence Series.


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– OKINAWA 1st April 1945. Allied forces launch the largest and most complex amphibious invasion of the Pacific campaign. Over the next 82 days, more than two hundred thousand people will die in a bitter and bloody struggle for this gateway to Japan High above the carnage, fly aerial reconnaissance missions – their cameras capturing the battle below. After the war’s end, many of these photographs were lost or forgotten. Until now. This film uses this incredible photographic archive and marries it off with the best of modern day 3D Graphics – affording the audience a unique and unprecedented perspective on the bloody battle of Okinawa.